Wednesday, April 25, 2012

#75 Play Pinball at the Pinball Hall of Fame

A great blessing that I have that I think I take for granted a lot is that I have a great job. When returning home from my mission, my dad offered me a job to work at the fmaily business. It has been a great blessing in our marrried life to have me employed at AMG and to be able to work with family. One of the perks of working with family is sometimes we get to do some pretty fun stuff that others wouldn't have the opportunity to do. On a random day my uncle Paul (my boss) came into my office area and invited me to go with him and the rest of the guys to surprise my dad (my other boss) by going to play some pinball at the pinball hall of fame. Danielle told me about this place a while ago and I added it to my bucket list because I really wanted to go and I absolutely love pinball. It's seriously addicting. So, when Paul told me we were going there I was more than excited. My dad tells this story of when he and my mom were first married. He had like a pocket of quarters to his name and played asteroids at the local Reams grocery store and got the high score. By breaking the high score he scored himself like $80 of free groceries from the store. He was especially happy to play some of the old games. The warehouse where this is located in vegas isn't as high class as most hall of fames are but it served it's purpose. They had everything since ever! There was pac man, teenage mutant ninja turtles and even paperboy. It was a blast spending time there are to check this off of my list. If you've ever got a free hour or so I recommend going and checking this place out. Disclaimer though, go during the day as it's a 6 out of 10 on the sketchy neighborhood meter.

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