Sunday, August 7, 2011

#9 Go to a Weezer Concert

Ever since I was a pre teen I have been obsessed with Weezer. My Life Coach and Uncle...Bryan Young introduced me to them and kept the fire of obsession burning within me. He made me jealous as he went to concert after concert and even went as far as playing on stage with them. I am not one to normally go to concerts because of all the horror stories I heard about in high school of mosh pits getting out of hand and that kind of stuff. However, I have always dreamed of seeing Weezer live. This year Danielle surprised me and got us tickets and made my wildest dreams come true. Just to give some back story to how awesome this surprise was....earlier this year during mother's day I was thinking of fun ways to help Danielle through that day. It's not easy to watch other mother's celebrate that day when you're trying so hard to have children but can't. One night, as I was praying an idea came to me to come up with a new tradition and instead of having mother's day, we would have "best friends day" instead. We would celebrate being together and enjoying what blessings we do have instead of concentrating on the blessings that have not yet been given to us. I got her flowers...which is a rare occasion for me and I took her out to her favorite restaurant. She loved it and when Father's Day rolled around she took the idea to the next level. She told me that because I am so good to her she would not just celebrate best friends day as a singular day but rather an entire week. Every day she surprised me with a note telling me how much she loved me and a gift for that day. I loved every minute of it. I scored gift cards and favor coupons and all kinds of stuff, it was great. The last day, she told me to review every note from the week, luckily I had saved them all.....with a little help from her. On every note the first letter in the first word was capitalized and throughout the week as I compared every note the letters spelled out W-E-E-Z-E-R. I thought, great, I am happy that after almost three years of marriage and seven years of being together, she finally figured out that I love weezer and got me like a cd or something. She then proceeded to present me with tickets to a concert! I tackled her and couldn't believe it, Weezer almost never comes to vegas and would yah believe it this time they would be coming to Red Rock which is right across the street from us.
When we got to the concert we were sure to get there a little early so we could get great seats. It was a poolside concert and so people were spread out just hanging out in the cabanas waiting for the concert to start.
Eventually it came time or the concert to start and everyone gathered to the stage. We were lucky to sneak right in front of the stage. They started out with a few of my favorite songs and even threw in a few cover songs. They covered the new song Pumped Up Kicks that's been on the radio recently and I thought they did a great job. It sure was fun to be there singing my heart out knowing all of the words. All the concerts I had been to before were to weird things for Danielle like Rascal Flats, Carrie Underwood and Secondhand Serenade with my sister Kelsey where I knew maybe a half of one song. Not this time though, I let everyone around me know that I was a fan of the band.

At the end of the concert the lead singer of the band, Rivers Cuomo, came down into the crowd. We immediately made our way over to get a piece of the action. Danielle grabbed him and came out of the crowd screaming "I touched him, I touched him." He made his way through all of the crazy fans and jumped into the pool. Of course tons of people jumped in to swim with him too. It was nuts. As he eventually got back to the stage they played one more song and the concert ended. It was an awesome experience and I loved every minute of it. I had such a fun time being with my best friend celebrating best friends day and if this is any indication of how things will be every year, I can't wait for future best friends day for sure. If you ever get the chance I highly suggest you see these guys in concert, they're amazing!