Friday, October 11, 2013

#19 Make a Video That Gets 1,000 Views

It's no secret about me, I enjoy making videos. I'm definitely in no way professional at doing so but it is definitely a hobby that I have fun with. It's fun to get an idea and then make that idea into something that can uplift the lives of others and make them want to be better because of something that you created. Over the years I have cruised the net and have seen how people have touched the lives of others through the medium of video. It's definitely not something easy to do. It's difficult to put together something that your own family would enjoy let along strangers that aren't involved in the pretext that goes behind making a video. I have aspired to create, in one faction or another, videos that help others see the world through my eyes. I figure that in order for a video to be considered "good" it has to be something that someone would want to share with someone else. Something that comes up at the dinner table or when you're out with friends. I have seen so many videos go "viral" on the internet. Some of these videos "go viral" because they are of a rare occurrence that someone was lucky enough to capture in the moment others because someone created a video to touch someone else on some kind of emotional level. Videos usually make headlines when they have crossed a certain threshold of "views" in a certain amount of time. This popularity based on influx of views suggests that the more views you have, the more people you are reaching with your message. It also implies that the more views you have the more people are enjoying the content of what you have created. Last year I set a goal. I wanted to reach 1,000 views. Normally most of the videos I create will peak at about 90-100 views because that is how many kind family members I have who watch my stuff. So, I thought to myself that 1000 would be 10 times bigger than anything I have ever achieved before. This was a mountain of a goal. That being said, this last month I surprisingly reached that goal. A video that I made of Laila's birth took to the web 9 months ago and since then has reach 1,033 views in over 36 different countries. I know that's not a very rapid time for a video to reach that amount of views but I hope that the message the video brings helps the lives of those who watch it. Danielle and I went through so many trials to bring Laila into this world. She is our little miracle and has helped us come closer to our Heavenly Father in many ways. Thank you to all who watched this video and helped me reach this milestone in my video career. It is my hope that the time you spent watching it improved your life in some way shape or form. I will continue to try and capture life according to me and I am indeed grateful to be able to check this off my list. It is great to think that I have achieved something that I previously thought was impossible.