Monday, July 25, 2011

#66 Ride in a Helicopter

I have to honestly say that one of the biggest perks of going through fertility struggles is the amount of time I get to spend with my best friend. We have such crazy adventures and I love that we get to do them together. This past week Danielle took me on a surprise date. One of the running jokes that we have is that we try to pretend that we're rich even though we're poor college students. This date was definitely a part of that joke. Through work Danielle got a sweet hook up and took me on a comped helicopter ride. When we got to the airport we were weighed and paired with two other couples. It was kinda fun to see another couple ahead of us actually got married on the helicopter ride over the strip. They were from rome and were "so in love" according to Danielle. Once our names were called we were walked out with our group to the helipad. We all got in the helicopter and put on our headsets. It was surprisingly very spacious and comfortable. As the pilot took off I was so excited and it was so cool to see how smooth the helicopter actually flies. The view was amazing and we were just taking pictures left and right. The coolest part of all was that I got to be flying over the stratosphere with my best bud. She made it all happen and I couldn't be happier to cross this off the list. I definitely recommend it anyone and I hope to one day be able to fly one of those bad boys myself.

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