Friday, December 31, 2010

#70 Watch All Three Extended Editions of The Lord of the Rings in One Day

One of the things on my mission that I absolutely loved was that my mission President allowed us to watch various movies on P-day. Anyone who has served a mission before will be surprised to hear that my mission President allowed us to Watch the Lord of The Rings Series. Many times we watched them while I served in the office and every time we did we would always joke that even though the movies are awesome it was humanly impossible to have the patience to sit and watch the entire series in one day. Ever since then I have wanted to take on the challenge and man up to prepare to be a couch potato and spending my day with Frodo and the gang. Not very often do I have the opportunity to have 11 hours of free time to pull it off, but this week I had a day off and my wife was nice enough to let me take on the challenge alone (she isn't the biggest fan of the movies). I started watching the Fellowship at 5am and finally finished the last DVD of Return of the King at 4pm. It was a long day but nonetheless I DID IT! It was awesome to feel like I had taken the entire journey and holy crap was I excited to see that ring destroyed at the end. My wife and I always joke that everything on this bucket list will be things that we will do only once in this life but hey I wouldn't be opposed to do this one again. One of the biggest things that I can say I took away from this experience is that

  • A....I am glad that I have a job and that I don't sit at home and do this every day

  • B.....Every single one of us has a Ring in our lives that we need to destroy and overcome whether it be pride, relationship drama or the ugly orcs of temptation

  • C..... Peter Jackson is a stud.
Overall I am grateful to be able to say that I did it, another thing has been knocked off my list and I am grateful that Frodo checked saving the world off his bucket list.

To see my favorite quote from the movie please check out this link to youtube....

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